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2016-2017 Yearbook Information

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Memories are what we have left when we leave these halls...the yearbook captures those moments!

The theme for the yearbook this year is the word LAGNIAPPE. It is a Cajun-French term meaning "a little something extra". Historically, lagniappe would be considered a gift by a vendor to a merchant to show their thanks and encourage them to come again. At Simmons, students and faculty are constantly doing that "little something extra" or "lagniappe" in their everyday lives; it is the yearbook's job to try to capture those moments for all to see for many years to come. So, our challenge to you is this; go out of your way today and provide LAGNIAPPE for someone who is not expecting it...and see what happens next! Have a great year! Laissez les bons temps rouler! Let the good times roll!