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Click on this link to access our 2015-2016 Girls Basketball Game Schedule. 




Congratulations to the following girls for making the Simmons Lady Bucs Girls Basketball Teams!


8th Grade

Arie Bedell

Laurel Burkhardt

Anna Kay Clark

Eleanor Jo Harwell

Janae Hubbard

Robinesha Mumford

Kalani Murrell

Tori Shunnarah

MacKenzee Smith

Jasmine Walker

Natalie Welch

Olivia Woodruff


7th Grade

Elizabeth Rae Chapman

LeAnna Eubanks

Karina Garcia

Olivia Jackson

Kristen Johnson

Aniyah Nails

Noelle Nicholson

Emma Pittman

Jakayla Porter

Caroline Schock

Kassidy Stanton

Cagney Watson






Eligibility Requirements:


1) The player must be in good academic standing per AHSAA guidelines.


2) The following forms must be completed and signed by a parent or legal guardian: 


3) The following form must be completed and signed by a physician:
4) The player must complete the STAR Sportsmanship course using the following instructions: