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Simmons Middle School Finley Award Winners
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Wednesday, March 15, 2017
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Simmons Middle School Students

Honored with Finley Award


Simmons Middle School is proud to announce this year’s Finley Award winners. These 12 individuals were chosen from the school’s 875 students to receive this honor based on overall positive behavior and outstanding character.

The 2016-2017 SMS Finley Award winners include 6th graders Tyler Black, Audrey Hankins, Dylan Lunsford, and Haley Rich; 7th graders Andrew Childs, Claire Manering, Phedra Peter, and Fernanda Valdez Padilla; and 8th graders Corinne Crawford, Bobby Mosely, Caroline Schock, and Blake White. These students will be honored at the Finley Awards Ceremony on March 23, 2017.

            The criteria for the individuals receiving the Finley Award is: Sets high standards for himself/herself; Assumes responsibilities over those normally expected of his/her position; Exemplifies quiet leadership; Encourages the best in others; Possesses an outstanding work ethic; Has genuine concern for others; Is respected by others and respects others; Has a humble manner; Is honest in all his/her dealings with others; Is committed to his/her organization; Sets a positive example for both young people and adults; Is considerate of others. In making the selection, other personal attributes and achievements may be considered; however, the recognition of outstanding character is the primary purpose of these awards.

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