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Motivating Stairwell…Compliments of SMS’ Art Department
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Sunday, March 19, 2017
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Motivating Stairwell…Compliments of SMS’ Art Department

Have you see the colorful and uplifting addition to one of the main stairways? Art Teacher Ms. Carrie McGrann had all of her students brainstorm for sayings and inspiring ideas they could use for the project and picked the best ones. With the help of the Art Academy after school and a few art students during the day, they were able to create the newest project. Next time you use the main stairs, look closely at the meaningful message that is in place:


In Simmons Middle School: We work hard towards the future; We push ourselves to succeed; We never give up; We build relationships; We laugh often; We say we’re sorry; We forgive; We give second chances; We learn from our mistakes.


We set and achieve goals; We have good ideas; We are creative; We like to have fun; We help each other; We dream big; We say please - We say thank you; We love another; We are family - We are one; We are Simmons Bucs.

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