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PTO Grants Pay for Needed Classroom Items
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Thursday, May 25, 2017

PTO Grants Pay for Needed Classroom Items 

Thanks to your generosity during our BUC$ Bounty Hunt fundraiser at the beginning of this school year, PTO was able to more than double the amount of grants awarded to the faculty for use with your children. 

Every teacher and faculty member who applied for a grant this school year was granted their request because of the surplus of funds. Originally, PTO had $3,500 allotted to issue for teacher grants, but because of the overwhelming success of the fundraiser, that amount increased to $8,465!

Just a sampling of the items that were purchased include four standing desks in 8th grade, an auto blood pressure and cuffs for the health room, 16 bouncy bands for 6th grade, sheet music in band, a chemical demo kit for experiments in 8th grade, microphones in the choral department, a Kitchen Aid mixer in Family Living, light filters for the Sunshine and Special Ed rooms, an interactive e-book for ELL, magazine subscriptions for Language Arts and Social Studies, and frogs for dissection in 7th grade.

How helpful are these grants?  Mr. Robert Abernathy, one of the three 7th grade Science teachers who applied for a grant for frogs said, The unit we are working on relates to the Human Body Standards from the Alabama Course of Study. In studying the various parts of the human body, it has been proven to be much more effective if the students are able to see a scaled down version of an organism's anatomy that is similar to ours.” He went on to say, “The frog dissection unit is a great one to get them involved. While at first some of the students are hesitant, it doesn’t take long before most of them are actively involved, pointing out and identifying organs and their functions.”

According to Abernathy, the expense of the frogs has always been an issue since it is not included in their budget or in AMSTI (Alabama Math, Science, and Technology Initiative) materials. “Thankfully, our PTO was able to help us meet this challenge and fund something that the students will remember for years to come,” said Abernathy.

Funding these grants was just one way your support of the PTO budget benefits the school and the students. Please watch for information early next school year about the 2017-2018 PTO fundraising efforts. Without you, none of this is possible!


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