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2017-2018 8th Grade Supply List
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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

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8th grade supplies for 2017-18

3-ring binder – 2” (note: zippered binders do not fit in lockers)

Binder divider for each of 4 subjects

Highlighters – blue, yellow and green

2 pkgs. loose leaf notebook paper

3 ring pencil pouch of your choice

2 doz. pens: Blue or Black only

Mechanical or traditional pencils (2 doz) of your choice (With lots of lead)

Hand held pencil sharpeners (for regular pencils)

1 (24 Pack) box colored pencils

3 pkg. 4x6, lined on one side, index cards

1 pkg. Graph paper

4 pack glue sticks

3 composition books

1 pocket folder with brads

Earbuds to use with Chromebook

Chromebook case

Scientific calculator (Recommended: TI-30XS or TI-30XIIS NOT TI-30Xa)

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